Sanja Malagurski: What did I like the most about Brazil? My team!

2014-05-10 19:49:09
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In an exclusive interview for our website Serbian outside hitter talks about Club World Championships, her season in Brazil, her great teammates and of course the fans!

Sanja, first of all congratulations on a great match and advancing to the finals. This was a tight game, lots of long rallies, how did it look from your perspective?

Sanja Malagurski: After yesterday's match, when we've learned that we will play in the semifinals against Volero, we knew it would be a very tough game, because they are playing at home, in front of their home crowd. We tried to forget about what has happened yesterday, about the loss against Kazan. As you've mentioned - there was a lot of fighting, a lot of long rallies, it was really tough. We knew that Volero will fight to the end to get to the final. I am very happy about the fact that when we've made a mistake, we could forget about it very quickly and move on to the next point. That was probably the most important thing for us today. I am glad that we have managed to get to the final, now we are waiting to see who will be our rival.


Yeah, and you're going to play against either Dinamo Kazan or Sesi -SP. Any preference of your opponent?

Regardless of who we will play in the final, it will certainly be an interesting match. Firstly, when you're playing the most important game, you always give more than 100%, you always fight to the last ball. Both teams are very, very strong. We know that Dinamo is the best team from the Champions League, the best team in Europe. And basically you can say the same thing about Sesi. I think it will be interesting. Sincerily I don't mind the opponent (laughs).

What do you have to improve in your game to win a gold medal in Zurich?


Well, you know, maybe it's even better for us that yesterday's game was so hard, because now we know that we have something to improve in our game. We know that we have to eliminate mistakes we've made. We'll talk about that in our team meeting and, well, you'll see it all tomorrow! (laughs).

This is the first time you're playing in Club World Championships. What do you think about the tournament, how do you like it here?

When we have learned that our team got a "wild card", we were all very happy, because we think we deserve to be here. We were expecting a tough competition and that each of the teams will fight for place in the final. We have the host team, Volero, Dinamo - best team from ChL, lots of strong teams. We were training for the tournament for the last two weeks. I love everything here - hotel, the gym, the hall, the fans. Everything is really great here and I enjoy it very much.




Photo 1. Players of Osasco are celebrating after their match against Volero. 



Let's talk a little bit about your season in Brazil. How could you sum up your time in Osasco?


You know, if I start talking about how it was in Brazil, everyone will think it's a fairytale (laughs). But really, I spend with them 7 amazing months. When you see who I have the pleasure to play with, it is simply amazing. They're not only great players, but also good people. They work very hard and are very professional about everything. I'm really, really happy about my season in Brazil.

What can you say about your game? What did you manage to improve there?

What have I learned in Brazil? I think that first of all I've learned how to give more from myself. Because when I see Sheilla and Thaisa giving their all in every training session, it motivates me to work even harder. To give more and more. I guess this was for me the biggest lesson.

From an outsider I think you team has great "chemistry" and that you work very well together.


You're right! And it is not only on the court, but also outside. You know, there are many teams that work well and players get along with each other on the court, but outside it's totally different. It's not the case here. We all really like each other, we love spending time together. We're helping each other, we're taking care of everyone. We support each other to, you know, just keep going.


What do you liked the most in Brazil?

My team! (laughs) Seriously! I lived in a small town, it was very quiet, not too many people. But everything was great - the gym, our fans - they were amazing and right now I would like to send them kisses and hugs from Zurich!

So, there are a lot of rumors about you coming to play in Poland. Could you tell me anything about your future plans?

My future? My future is tomorrow! I don't look past the final, I'm only focusing about the Sunday's game. I will be dealing with everything else after the final. But of course I'm following the league in Poland and what is happening in there. A lot of my teammates play there, so I have to know how are they doing (smile). I know that the level is high, so... we will see!




From Zurich - Laura Kusztelak.





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